Save on Salaries

Salary cost, the biggest expense in a laundry, can now be substantially reduced with online capture of hours worked per employee, per work spot. Detailed information on where hours are being spent can be visualized in real time, and this data helps laundries to optimize their processes.

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Resource planning at the touch of a finger

Overstaffing, understaffing, optimum conditions: Everything becomes transparent in an instant. The visual display is based on daily availability and predefined occupation per day and per work spot. Employees get clear instructions about their next work spot at the moment they log in.

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Two goals, one action: Pay all salaries without re-entering any data

GLOBE automatically calculates overtime, premium hours and even incentive bonus for immediate export to any payroll application. The system retrieves data on planned absences, employee contracts and the scans for production hours – and saves time and money in your personnel department.

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Real time measurement of the entire production floor

GLOBE connects to all equipment in the laundry and imports scans from your ERP system, offering a total online overview on one screen. This one screen replaces the many island solutions and avoids the complexity that distracts you from focusing on what really matters in your laundry. Operator-reported faults will also trigger alerts to maintenance staff and supervisors.

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Insight into internal logistics at a glance

An overview of your customers’ laundry is monitored on one screen in real time. Bottlenecks become visible, and your management can make timely decisions to avoid delays in deliveries, and to make sure that your customers get their linen on time.

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Trends and benchmarking boost your business

With all the data gathered in the system, we create dashboards to recognize trends in efficiency and consumption data. These facts and figures are benchmarked with other plants or business standards. Also, the profitability per account can be measured based on the hours spent and revenue generated.

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Product Overview

Move your laundry from good to great – with GLOBE

Productivity tracking is at the core of the system, but there is much more: a typical work day of a laundry manager starts with an easy-to-use staff scheduling tool, so staff can be assigned to a preferred work spot in advance. Time recording is the next logical function of the GLOBE solution. We also keep track of employee absences and automatically export data containing a complete picture of the day to your payroll system.

Direct data acquisition on machines is a very strong point of the solution. Energy consumption and water usage can be measured at the machine level, and can also be tracked on the overall laundry level. Since we capture all time, attendance and production data, the measuring and analysis of productivity of people and equipment is now a simple process.

Supervising the production flow in real time, tracking batches of linen and finding bottle necks before they really occur is the new standard.  

Gotli Labs’ GLOBE is the newest approach to central production monitoring that provides real time information for improving laundry productivity and giving peace of mind.
The first system for the laundry industry that offers total integration between a production information system and laundry ERP systems.
Get the best from your staff and equipment.

GLOBE combines all these functionalities in ONE system – it’s an industry first! 

Join us for a walk through a laundry

We made interviews with supervisors and managers from every department in a laundry as well with the CEO; Press the button to see what they told us.
Soil ReceivingLinen Finishing DepartmentGarment Finishing DepartmentDispatchShippingHuman ResourcesGeneral Manager
At soil receiving and sorting, the weight is captured and chipped items are scanned, then bags are hoisted onto rail systems. The employees at these spots are logged in, so all hours can be recorded. Batches are stored in the rail system: You will get a full overview on the overall visualization screen, and you will see in real time the actual position of each batch, and how it moves through the washroom area.

“We know when there is too much soiled linen of a certain category, and we can check if customers are processed on time, so I can react immediately. The employee efficiency has increased 2% since we started to use this production tracking system from Gotli Labs and the water usage has been reduced as well” – Ian, Soil Sorting Supervisor

From the soil department we walk to the linen finishing department. Each machine displays the status, the name of the customer and the operators at the various stations, the quantity processed and the efficiency per employee against the standard for each product.

Supervisor ironing:

“During the day, I will often check the efficiency of our employees. Text messages on my cell phone alert me when the ironer line is put on hold too often. Text messages are also sent to mechanics if the machine gives many or major faults. Since this system has been implemented, productivity has been increased by 10%. I have no clue what to do without a system like this.” – Kathrin, Manager Finishing Department

Supervisor folding:

“I am excited about the details I get out of the system based on the production reports and dashboards. Also the toolkit for employee planning is a huge time saver. In the not too good old days, I manually created and changed the planning for two shifts every day – this was quite cumbersome, and it took me quite some time to inform people when they were scheduled on a different work spot. Instead of people going to their regular work spot and then me redirecting them, the system now informs the employees at the moment of log-in. No more distractions and time losses – I love it!” – Tommy, Supervisor

Now we are heading to the garment finishing department. Production information and efficiency is shown for each hanging station and a comparison is made with the quantity at the tunnel finisher. Also, the quantities from the presses are recorded. The pieces from the folding machines are captured and visualized in a similar way as at the folding area from the flatwork department, the pieces from the manual fold area are counted and entered manually into the system.

“Shortly after installing GLOBE, we noticed a difference between the quantity from the hanging systems and the number of pieces produced by the tunnel finisher, so we knew that someone was cheating in the hanging section. Based on this, we started to compare the quantities. When the difference is too high, I get a text message and can react and check immediately. Currently, we are counting the quantity from the hand fold, and soon we will install scanners in this area so we can gather the quantity from the scanners as well.” – Mary-Anne, Supervisor

From the garment finishing department, we walk to the dispatch section. In this area, the number of containers packed by the employees is measured, and it becomes visible how many hours are spent per customer.

“The biggest advantage here is the batch tracking part of the system. We always know where specific batches are. Using this information has avoided many times a delay in delivery since we could warn the production supervisors that they should arrange something before it became too late to react. Also the information about hours spent per customer has given us eye-opening information.” – Roger, Supervisor

Our final stop now is at the shipping department. Here we count the number of containers that are loaded, and how many hours are spent by the employees to load a route. Also here, batch tracking is a great advantage that gives an extra boost to the customer experience.

The positive reactions of all supervisors confirm that GLOBE impresses supervisors and laundry managers. GLOBE has a huge impact on the efficiency of employees and equipment, and so there was only one question left: “What should we do without a system like this?”

In addition to the tour on the production floor, I have also spoken with the human resource manager who is responsible for payroll, this is what she told me:

“Each day, I check if all scans are closed. If not, I ask the supervisors to do so. Once a week, I send a report to each supervisor based on the hours spent and to check if all absences have been reported correctly. The supervisors need to approve this report, since they are responsible for the hours of their employees. After I have all the approved reports, I click one button to export to the payroll system – and I am done!  

I will also get weekly reports about the illness of employees which I use to contact them when I see there is a reason for it. Based on counters in the system, I can see if employees have enough vacation days left when they ask for a day off. At the garment department, employees do not get any overtime compensation, they will get time for time instead, which is also tracked via a counter in the system.”  –Camilla, Personnel Department.

This is what the general manager of the company told me:

“Beside the power of the real time information, which is also shown in my office on the overall screen, I like the dashboards that show production details. Every day I watch the report that shows me how many hours are planned for tomorrow, so I can react if I see that there is over or under-staffing in a certain department, which I will discuss with the related supervisor. Also the dashboards with the machine failures and overall water and energy consumption get my daily attention. When needed, I discuss this with the head of maintenance to form a plan.

GLOBE is my number one source of management information. At our weekly management meetings, I discuss the production and fault reports and where needed, I ask for an action plan or give directions.

I have to say that the overall reduction of hours spent, 6% less on hours, has impressed me, since we didn’t change any of the machinery yet.

Before visiting a customer, I will always run the report how many hours were spent over the last period for this customer and where the customer is listed in the report comparing hours and revenue.

Recently, I have been able to convince a customer that a certain product that was only used by him took too much time within production, and we were able to find a good alternative.

Currently we are investigating replacements for equipment, we can use dashboards that show us what type of products are performing poorly on a certain machine. With this information we can start better discussions with our equipment vendors.” – Kevin, Production Manager


Time & AttendanceStaff SchedulingExport To PayrollReal-time Data AcquisitionReal-time Batch TrackingReports & Dashboards

The Time & Attendance function captures the employee’s time: upon entering the facility, and on each and every workstation on the production floor. Based on employee planning, absence is also tracked.

The system is capable of working with multiple shifts and different types of work schedules. Work schedules can be used when, for example, an employee has a “moving” day off every week.

Based on the scans and contracts, production and salary hours are calculated. With employee contracts, rules for overtime can be defined.

GLOBE knows it all.

From each employee and for each day, we know:

  • Shift Schedule
  • Availability
  • Planning
  • Salary hours
  • Production hours
  • Absence hours
  • Scans
  • Contract hours per week
  • Total hours
  • Planned hours
  • Holiday hours
  • Work time reduction hours
  • Time for time hours



The system knows staff requirements as well as availability. With our easy-to-use staff planning tool, you can immediately spot any gaps in availability. Over-staffing is a thing of the past. The system is ready to use complex work schedules and shifts, even overnight shifts are covered. On check-in, GLOBE displays each employees scheduled work spot. This way, production supervisors and plant managers have a constant overview of their assigned resources.

For each work spot, the standard occupation is set for each day of the week.

The daily planning of the available resources can be easily done based on the standard staff availability, the shift and work schedules, the planned absence and the standard planning.


The calculated salary hours per employee are exported to any payroll system, including overtime, premium time, incentives and absence hours.

Gotli Labs has standard interfacing with key manufacturers in the laundry industry. GLOBE can communicate directly with equipment, gathering information about the status, consumption and quantities produced. Instant data collection allows GLOBE to monitor production in real-time, inform and even send alerts to supervisors and engineers about bottle necks, machine failures and productivity.

Based on predefined standards, we can display the efficiency on the supervisor’s production screen for each work spot. All this information is shown on one master screen, based on the layout of the laundry.

A very powerful tool is the bench-marking possibility for employees against their individual standard. They don’t need anyone watching… they know it already themselves! For management, this information can be used for defining training opportunities.

Performance screens allow a quick visual check for supervisors, including a traffic light target for operators. Higher productivity is guaranteed.

Knowledge is power: GLOBE informs you in real time about the status and efficiency of your equipment. Running-time, Stand-by-time and Down-time of machines together with efficiency of production it is all available.

Energy and water consumption is constantly monitored, allowing fine tuning of equipment to reduce the usage and related expenses.


At soil receiving, each batch is uniquely identified, marked with customer, product category etc. For each category, the flow through the laundry is pre-defined. Thanks to the application, information about each batch in the process is visible in real-time to identify bottlenecks in the production flow.

Optimization of the process flow: GLOBE helps laundries to know all details of this flow with actual data and give immediate feedback.

Anomalies that are detected in a bag are easily found.

 Set your laundry apart from your competitors

Data captured by GLOBE is exported to an Oracle BI database, enabling the laundry to create individual dashboards for a unique competitive advantage in your market. You will be miles ahead of your competitors using standard and customized dashboards.

  • Standard
    • Daily reports for production management
    • Management dashboards for benchmarking combined with laundry ERP data
    • Profitability by account and product
  • Customized
    • Management dashboards tailored to fit your own needs
  • Export to Excel


GLOBE is a multi-plant based solution. In GLOBE, a large amount of historical data is captured. This makes it easy for management to compare departments, customers and even plants to define best practices.

The Power Of Integration

Please check the examples that show the power of integration between GLOBE, Business Intelligence and Laundry ERP.
Dashboard ExamplesSome KPI Examples

About Gotli Labs AG

Smart solutions and the “internet of things” (IoT) are opening up great new perspectives for heavy-duty laundries. With the creation of Gotli Labs, a dedicated organization with business experts, we confirm our focus on the development of innovative new solutions for this industry. Gotli Labs AG is headquartered in Switzerland.

Our objective is to consolidate the best of both worlds into a new system which can manage all resources in a laundry, like equipment, staff, utilities and energy.

Gotli Labs AG has acquired the Cockpit™ and PIMS applications and integrated them into one solution to make laundries work. JENSEN’ s Cockpit™ provided real-time information to view and track-and-trace the entire laundry process together with a wide range of production statistics. The Production Information Management System (PIMS) by ABS helped to increase the efficiency of available resources by planning and measuring staff and equipment. PIMS is built to record time and attendance data then export that to a payroll system.

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